Azoogleads PPC Campaign Comeback

PPC Campaign

A while ago I had written about how badly Azoogleads was performing for me. A great running PPC campaign suddenly stopped converting. I had turned off my PPC campaign as a result. Nothing had changed on my end and I saw the same click-thru rates and the same kind of traffic, but no more conversions. Of course Azoogleads declined any tracking problems. Out of curiosity I turned on the PPC campaign again – a month later and guess what. I was instantly making a profit again. Very interesting. I let it go for another day and it still converted. So, I am keeping a close eye on this campaign and the conversions. If it stops again I will pull the plug. Or maybe I should sell the website and the matching PPC campaign? I really need to improve my skills with PPC marketing. It works on a small level, but every time I tackle the affiliate programs with bigger payouts I am not worth 10 Cents. Small niches and payouts are nice. Not much competition, but you also don’t make that much money from it. The extra $100 or $200 a month feel good, but these campaigns have to run in auto-pilot to be worth the effort. My goal is not to have 1 big winning PPC campaign and affiliate program, but a good mix of campaigns and products in different areas. Diversification is the keyword.

By tonight I hope to be done with my new forum’s website that I have purchased last week. The first users emailed me through the contact us form, because I had disabled access to the forum. So, there are some folks already (still) looking at the forum. That is good. I will prepare a newsletter that goes out to all members this week. With a little luck this forum is bound to become active again fairly quick. I will also order my directory submission package tonight, which should start help to improve my SE-rankings in about 2-3 weeks. The site has been added to my Google Analytics account as well as to my Google Webmaster account so that I can monitor how the site is doing.

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