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Wordpress 2.0.6 Blog Security Hole? | Web Hosting News and Hosting Reviews

WordPress 2.0.6 Blog Security Hole?

by Webhost on 1/11/2007

Reading the security press on two sides of the Atlantic I ran into a story about WordPress 2.0.6 having a security hole. That of course was of interest to me as my blog is powered by WordPress. So, I read on and as it turns out it is not WordPress that is having the security hole, it is the server software that eventually allows a hacker to gain access to your server thru WordPress. WordPress is just the tool used to gain advantage of an outdated PHP installation. If the PHP version has not been patched and still has the “zend_hash_del_key_or_index” issue open, a WordPress Blog 2.0.6 can be hacked and exploited. Please make sure your PHP version is at least 4.4.3 or higher (5.1.4 or higher).

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