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I don’t know what it is, but does Google Adwords has some sort of trust factor for campaigns that run for longer periods of time? Some of my current campaigns are running unchanged since March and lately I am seeing much better impressions/CTR/conversions (knock on wood). I spent $14.77 in Adwords fees yesterday and I earned over $83.00 in return. And this is not an isolated incident. The campaigns have been developing a much better performance the older they get. For the month I am at about at 185% ROI and I am kinda stunned a little bit. April was already, but the ROI was still below 100%, but May so far has been delivering outstanding results and I have not really touched my Adwords account for anything other than checking twice a day. With these results now coming in I really have to spend a little more time on my PPC efforts and increase my footprint in this field and to make a little more money.

I want to spend a little more time in the Google Adwords Tutorial section and learn more of the little details. I think I am doing Ok so far, but this thing if executed right is an awesome tool to increase my profits. It might even be an option for a second career. I am still working full-time as a computer system administrator for a large company. There is always the threat of outsourcing and being laid off. Who knows if and when it will hit me and if my business is ready at that point to take over. It’s always good to have a backup plan in place. I am thinking about eventually taking the Google Adwords Exam and to become a Google Adwords Professional. That in combination with my (always growing) SEO knowledge is a pretty good combination for either employment or to do consulting in that field. It’s pretty much the same as with my websites – diversify and don’t make yourself dependent from one single source of income. Time is a concern though as there are hours of Adwords Tutorials to go through. We will see. Anyway – even if I do not go for the exam the learning experience can only help me to improve my skills and therefore to improve my potential for higher earnings.

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