How to use Technorati to discover possible link power (and how to use it right)

possible link power

We always wonder which pages of our websites carry more linking power. In most cases the homepage of a website carries the most power, but you can only put x number of links onto the homepage to use its linking power or link juice. Sub pages become more important if you want to distribute the link juice internally and create a good flow of link power among your web pages. Or for that matter if you link out to others those specific links would get more link juice (assuming that Google use similar indicators for link juice).

Anyway – here is a good way to identify pages on your blog that eventually carry more link power than others. Look up a specific blog at technorati and then check the authority value for the different sub pages. Technorati assigns an authority value to pages that are linked to from other blogs and other websites. I recently wrote a review of another website, a blog to be more specific. The other blog owner was courteous enough to link back to my blog posting. I waited 2 days to make sure Technorati had picked up the links. Look at the following screenshot:

It shows my technorati ranking for the blog post I am talking about. The other blog author has linked back to the particular blog posting and the technorati authority value his blog carries has transformed in an 107 authority value of my specific blog page. A normal authority value of blog postings on my affiliate marketing blog seems to be 49. So, by comparing those numbers you can see that the pages carry different values. I can now use the different values to identify web pages on my blog that carry higher authority value and then use that knowledge to eventually modify these pages to add internal links to other pages to distribute the linking power or link juice more equally across my entire blog.

Please note the following: You could use the same knowledge and find blogs that sell links through Text-Link-Ads and buy links inside blog postings that carry a higher authority value. Of course you could run risk that Google identifies those links and devalues them, but on the other side you might advertise on pages that receive incoming search engine traffic in general. And I will always assume you buy links only for traffic and not link juice.  In general it is very important for good search engine rankings to distribute link power inside a website structure as it can push your site rankings up for terms you were not ranking for well before.


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