Sitemap not allowed?

Sitemap not allowed

My apologies if this posting looks a little cluttered, but you will see why as you go through the posting itself. I logged into my Google Webmasters account this morning to find the following note associated with one of my domains: “Sitemap not allowed” 
I never saw that message before and so I clicked on the available help link to find the following:

Check to see if there’s a conflict between how you listed your site in your Google webmaster tools account and what you specified as the preferred domain for this site.

I then went back into my Google Webmasters account to check what I had specified (I always use “www.”). Right on the summary page it confirmed my initial feeling: “You have specified as the preferred domain for this site. “ Then I did a site lookup and it shows “www.” as the main domain for my site. So, I went to the “Sitemaps” tab in Google Webmasters and saw the following:

You have specified as the preferred domain for this site. You can submit a Sitemap from the Sitemaps tab for

Well, that is interesting as I am already in the sitemaps tab. So, what is wrong with the sitemap and how the site shows up in Google Webmasters?

Further investigation shows the following:

Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Jan 19, 2007.

That is concerning and so I checked my website stats and to my (not) surprise Google Bot visits my website daily and has pulled over 2 GB this month alone already. So, what is going on here? Is Google Webmasters giving me the wrong information or is my website having a problem? From my point of view I have not seen problems, but as a webmaster I should not wait until something breaks. So, I will contact Google and hopefully get a response out of them.

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